Trees with lanceolate leaves

List of trees that have lanceolate leaves!

leaf white willow

white willow

The leaf hairs of white willow leaf is on both sides and can be up to 10 cm (3,94 in) long. Information about the white willow
leaf of spanish chestnut

spanish chestnut

The leaf of spanish chestnut is firmly coriaceous, oblong, deep yellow. In autumn the leaves turn dark yellow. Information about the chestnut
crack willow leaf

Crack Willow

The leaf of crack willow is lanceolate, up to 16 cm long and 2-3 cm broad. The leaf margins are finely serrated. Autumn colouring: yellow. Information about the crack willow
Osier leaf

Osier, Common Osier

The leaf of Osier is narrow-lanceolate, to 25 cm (9.84 in) long and is tapered. The leaf margins are finely serrated. The underside of the leaf is silver-gray. Autumn color is yellow. Information about the osier