Trees with lobed leaves

The lobed leaves are ordered by low to strongly lobed!

mountain maple leaffield maple leafnorway maple leafsugar maple leafbig leaf maple leafsilver maple leafsilver maple slitted lred maple leafvine maple leafjapanese maple leafstriped maple leafredvein maple leafmontpellier maple leafpaperbark maplefull moon maple

maples with lobed leaves

leaf of tulip tree

tulip tree

The leaf of tulip tree is almost rectangular and up to 15 cm (5,91 in) long. Characteristic are the four corners at end of leaf. The fall foliage is bright golden yellow. Information about the tulip tree
leaf des sweetgum


The leaf of sweetgum is palmately lobed with five pointed leaf. The fall foliage is beautiful in all colors of autumn. Information about the sweetgum
leaf of lomdon plane tree

london plane tree

The leaf of plane tree is three to five lobed and up to 25 cm (9.84 in) wide, deep green and yellow in autumn. The leaf base is often straight. Information about the london plane tree
leaf single seed hawthorn

single seed hawthorn

The leaf of single seed hawthorn is light green, small and consists of three to seven lobes. Information about the hawthorn
the leaf oriental plane tree

oriental plane tree

The leaf of oriental plane tree is fresh green, most trilobed. The leaf stem is shorter than it is from the sycamore. Information about the oriental plane tree
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