Trees with rounded leaves

List of trees with rounded leaves!

leaf of grey poplar

grey poplar

The leaf of grey poplar is round to ovoid and slightly lobed. The leaf underside is gray felty pilose. Information about the gray poplar
quaking aspen leaf

quaking aspen

The leaves of the quaking aspen is round and easily serrated. new shoots are felty. The leaf underside is bluish. Information about the quaking aspen

leaf der european alder

european alder

The leaf of european alder is rounded to ovoid rounded. The leaf veins are oppositely on the center axis. The leaf edge is double serrated. Information about the european alder

katsuar tree leaf

katsura tree

The leaf of katsura tree is stalked, ovate and serrated. The leaf veins go central from the leaf ground. The leaves turn bright yellow to red in fall and smell of gingerbread. Information about the katsura tree