Leaves of oaks

Oak leaves

leaf northern red oak

northern red oak

The leaf of red oak is deeply sinuate to lobed. The lobe ends are pointed. The leaf can be 22 cm (8.66 in) long. The very autumn color is orange to red. Information about the red oak
pin oak leaf

pin oak

The leaves of pin oak is delicate, deeply sinuate to near the middle axis. The leaf upper side is shiny green. the leaf can be up to 15 cm (5.91 in). The pin oak leaf has brown tufts at the veins. The autumn color is bright red. Information about the pin oak
scarlet oak leaf

scarlet oak

The leaf of scarlet oak is glossy green, up to 17 cm (6.7 in) long and up to 13 cm (5.12 in) broad, deeply lobed. The leaf is hairless without tufts at the veins. The autumn color is bright scarlet. Information about the scarlet oak
leaf upper side english oak

english oak

The leaf of english oak has a very short stem. It is sinuate and on the top dark green leaf. The leaf underside is greenish blue. The autumn color is golden brown. Information about the english oak
the leaf of bur oak

bur oak

The leaf of bur oak is 7-15 cm (3-6 in) lon and 5-13 cm (2-5 in) broad, variable in shape, The margin is lobed. It is noticeable that the leaf tip is much broader than the base of the leaf. The autumn foliage is copper-yellow. Information about the bur oak
the leaf of a sessile oak

sessile oak

The leaf of sessile oak is sinuate dark olive green. Leaves propel out early usually. The autumn color is yellow. Information about the sessile oak
leaf turkish oak

turkish oak

The leaf of turkey oak is glossy dark green and slightly sinuate The leaves are 7-14 cm (2.8-5.5 in) long and 3-5 cm (1.2-2 in) broad. In autumn the foliage is red-brown. Information about the turkish oak
swamp white oak leaf

swamp white oak

The leaf of swamp white oak is dark green on top, while the underside is silvery white due to dense pubescence. The obovate shaped leaves have an irregularly lobed leaf margin. The autumn foliage is yellow to brown. Information about the swamp white oak
mongolian oak leaf

mongolian oak

The leaf of mongolian oak is light green in sprouting, later dark green. The leaf shape is obovate. The leaf edge is coarse serrated. In autumn the leaf color turns to bright red.
white oak leaf

white oak

The leaf of white oak is light green in sprouting, later green. The leaf is funnel-shaped. The leaf margin is first smooth and sinuate at the top. The autumn color is red to orange to brown. Information about the white oak
shingle oak leaf

shingle oak

The leaf of shingle oak looks like a laurel leaf. The leaves are lanceolate to narrowly ovate. They are up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long and up to 7 cm (2.8 in) broad. The leaves are green, the underside is pale green. In autumn, the foliage turns yellow. Information about the shingle oak
Turner's Oak leaf

turner's oak

The leaf of turner's oak is slightly sinuate, on the upper leaf surface dark green and light green on the bottom. The petiole is slightly hairy. Autumn colors: green. Information about the turner's oak