Heart Shaped Leaves

Trees with heart-shaped leaves

List of trees that have a cordiform (heart-shaped) leaves!

Caucasian Lime

The leaf of caucasian lime is glossy dark green and the underside is green but not shiny. The leaf veins are very good to see. The leaf is 10 cm (3,94 in) large and cordiform. the leaf edge is serrated sharp. Botanical name: Tilia x euchlora

Information about the Caucasian Lime

Common Lime

The leaves of Common lime are heart-shaped, dark green on the upside, the underside is a little yellowish-green. The leaves are 6–15 cm (2.4 – 5.9 in) long and 6–12 cm (2.4 – 4.7 in) broad. The leaf margin is sharp serrated. Botanical name: Tilia x europaea

Information about the Common Lime

Henry's Lime

The leaf of linden is heart-shaped and very noticeable serrated. The petiole is reddish or yellowish, perpendicular to the leaf and hairy. The leaf arrangement is alternate. Botanical name: Tilia henryana

Information about the Henry's Lime