Ovoid Leaves

Trees with ovoid leaves

Ovoid leaves are very common. also a large number of shrubs have ovoid leaves!

Grey Alder

The leaf of speckled alder leaf is tapered and at the leaf edges it is roughly double serrated. On the leaf underside it is gray felty pilose. The leaf is up to 10 cm (3,94 in) long. Botanical name: Alnus incana

Information about the Grey Alder

Yellow Birch

The leaves of yellow birch are ovate, 6-12 cm (2.36-4.72 in) long and 4-9 cm (1,57-5,54 in) broad, The leaf-margin is finely serrated. The leaf arrangement is alternate. In autumn the leaves are yellow. Botanical name: Betula alleghaniensis

Information about the Yellow Birch

Black Birch

The leaves of sweet birch are alternate, ovate, 5-10 cm (1,97-3,94 in) long and 4-7 cm 1,56-2,27 in) broad. The leaf-margin is finely serrated. The foliage in autumn is orange to red. Botanical name: Betula lenta

Information about the Black Birch

Blue Birch

The leaf of blue birch is bluish-green. The leaf shape is ovate and leaf margin is coarsely toothed. The petiole is reddish. In autumn the foliage is yellow. Botanical name: Betula caerulea

Information about the Blue Birch