Ovoid Leaves

Trees with ovoid leaves

Ovoid leaves are very common. also a large number of shrubs have ovoid leaves!


The leaves of the pear is summer green, ovoid and 2 – 12 cm (0.8 – 4.7 in). The leaf margin is serrated. The leaf arrangement is alternate. Botanical name: Pyrus communis

Information about the Pear

Black Tupelo

The leaves of Black tupelo can vary in size and shape. The leaf shape is oval, elliptical or obovate. The leaf upsite is green and glossy. The leaf is 5-12 cm (2 – 4.7 in) long. The leaf margin is wavy and smooth. Botanical name: Nyssa sylvatica

Information about the Black Tupelo

Bird Cherry

The leaves of Hackberry are elliptic to obovate with a short petiole. The middle leaf vein is tomentose on the underside of the leaf. The leaf margin is serrate to notched. Botanical name: Prunus padus

Information about the Bird Cherry