Compound Leaves

Trees with composite leaves

List of trees with compound leaves!


The leaf is composed of 3 single leaflets. The individual leaves are ovate, dark green and glossy on the upper leaf surface. The leaves smell when it grinds between the fingers. Botanical name: Ptelea trifoliata

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Vine-leafed Maple

The leaves are pinnate and is composed of three single leaves. The individual leaves are irregularly sinuate, ovate and pointed. The petiole is long and reddish, leaf margin coarsely toothed and the leaf arrangement is alternate. Botanical name: Acer cissifolium

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The leaf from the Boxelder is imparipinnate. Three to five single leaves coarsely toothed, very common is the white colored version with white spotted leaves. Botanical name: Acer negundo

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The ash leaf is imparipinnate. The single leaves (7-11) are ovoid, the edges of leaf are serrated. The leaf is dark green. The underside is pale green. The leaf can be 30 cm (11,81 in) long. The autumn color is yellow. Botanical name: Fraxinus excelsior

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Black Ash

The leaves of Black ash are green, up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long and odd-pinnate with 5-9 single leaves. The leaflets are ovate. The leaf margin is serrated. Botanical name: Fraxinus nigra

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