Compound Leaves

Trees with composite leaves

List of trees with compound leaves!

Pumpkin Ash

The leaves of pumpkin ash are pinnate, with 7-9 leaflets; each leaf is 25-40 cm (9,84-15,75 in) long, the leaflets 8-20 cm (3,15-7,87 in) long and 5-8 cm (1,97-3,15 in) broad The leaf position is opposite. The single leaves have a finely toothed margin. The autumn fall is orange to red. Botanical name: Fraxinus profunda

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Texas Ash

The leaves of texas ash are dark green to olive green above and paler green below with 5-7 roundish leaflets and up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long. The leaf arrangement is opposite and odd pinnately compound. The autumn falll is red - golden, very showy. Botanical name: Fraxinus texensis

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Arizona Ash

The leaf of arizona ash is odd pinnately compound with 3-7 single leaves. The leaf is 10-25 cm (3.9-9.8 in) long. The leaf-margin is serrated. The autumn colors are yellow to red. Botanical name: Fraxinus velutina

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Shagbark Hickory

The leaf of shagbark hickory is odd pinnate with 5 leaflets. The leaves are 30-60 cm (11.8-23.6 in) long. The two basal leaves are much smaller than the the others. The single leaves of the hickory are pointed and dark green. The leaf-margin is serrated.The autumn color is bright yellow. Botanical name: Carya ovata

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The leaf of picnut hickory is odd pinnated with normaly 5-7 leaflets. The leaves are 20 - 60 cm (7.9-23.6 in) long. The leaflets are ovate to obovate. The petiole can be up to 14 cm (5.5 in) long. The single leaves are pointed and and the leaf-margin is serrated. The leaf-collor is shiny yellowish green. and bare, the bottom is initially slightly hairy on the main veins. The autumn color of the picnut hickory are bright yellow to orange. Botanical name: Carya glabra

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Pagoda Tree

The leaves of Pagoda tree are up to 25 cm (9.8 in) long and odd-pinnate with 7-17 oval leaflets. The leaf upside is shiny, the underside is tomentose. The leaf margin is smooth. Botanical name: Styphnolobium japonicum

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