Lobed Leaves

Trees with lobed leaves

The lobed leaves are ordered by low to strongly lobed!

Striped Maple

The leaf of striped maple is summer green, soft, with three forward-pointing lobes. The leaf is 8-15 cm (3.1-5.9 in) long and 6-12 cm (2.4-4.7 in) broad. In fall, the color changes to red tones. Botanical name: Acer pennsylvanicum

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Redvein Maple

The leaf of redvein maple is summer green, with 3-5 pointed lobes. The leaf is 8-16 cm (3.1-6.3 in) long and 6-16 cm (2.4-6.3 in) broad. The leaf-margin is double serrated. Autumn colours are yellow, bright orange and red. Botanical name: Acer rufinerve

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Paper Mulberry

The leaf of the paper mulberry can look very different. The young leaves are often lobed, while the older ones are ovate. The petiole is very long, and the leaf has a length of up to 20 cm (7.9 in). The leaves are alternate. Botanical name: Broussonetia papyrifera

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Common Fig

The leaf of the fig is 3-5 lobed, thick and can be up to 20 cm (7.9 in) long. The petiole is long and stands from the leaf base. The leaf margin is toothed. Botanical name: Ficus carica

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Big Leaf maple

The leaf of big leaf maple has five deeply incised palmate lobes. The leaf can be up to 60 cm (23.1 in) long and 15-30 cm (5.9-11.8 in) broad. The the petiole is red and protrudes. The autumn colours are yellow, orange and red. The tree is also called Broad Leaf Maple or Oregon Maple. Botanical name: Acer macrophyllum

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Silver Maple

The leaf of silver maple is palmated lobed, with 5 deeply cut lobes. The leaf is 8-16 cm (3.2-6.3 in) long and 6-12 cm (2.4-4.7 in) broad. The upper side is light green and the underside is whitish. Various autumn coloring. Botanical name: Acer saccharinum

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