Lobed Leaves

Trees with lobed leaves

The lobed leaves are ordered by low to strongly lobed!

Dissected Silver Maple

The leaves of Incised Silver maple are palmate lobed with 5 very deeply incised lobes. The leaves are 8 - 16 cm (3.2 - 6.3 in) long and 6 - 12 cm (2.4 - 4.7 in) broad. The leaf surface is light green, the underside is white. The leaf margin is serrated. Botanical name: Acer saccharinum 'Wieri'

Information about the Dissected Silver Maple

Sugar Maple

The leaf of sugar maple is summer green with five palmate lobes. The leaf is up to 20 cm (7,9 in). The maple leaf is equal length and broad. The basal lobes are smaller, than the upper lobes. The lobes are pointed. The autumn color is bright yellow to orange to bright red-orange. Botanical name: Acer saccharum

Information about the Sugar Maple

Downy Japanese Maple

The leaf of downy japanese maple is rounded, with serrate lobes. The leaf has a diameter up to 15 cm (5.9 in). The lobes are deeply incised. The leafs are hairy in spring, later they are smooth. The petiole is hairy. In fall, the leaves are bright orange to dark red. Botanical name: Acer japonicum

Information about the Downy Japanese Maple

Vine Maple

The leaf of vine maple is palmately lobed with 7-11 lobes, 3-14 cm (1,2-5,5 in) long and broad, The underside of the leaf is thinly hairy. The lobes are pointed and the leaf-margin is coarsely toothed. In autumn the foliage is bright yellow to orange-red. Botanical name: Acer circinatum

Information about the Vine Maple